Taupo Pure is real milk sourced from Taupo, New Zealand, a place with beautiful crystal-blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, lush green pastures and pure air. Taupo Pure comes from the heart of New Zealand, which is known for its quality milk. 

This vision sets the foundation for the products we provide for you and your family, that they are safe, nutritious and of the highest quality. Our farmers follow a programme that takes care of the environment, people and their cows to produce safe, high-quality milk.

Why choose Taupo Pure milk?

Taupo Pure, your family milk, is of the highest quality, safe and nutritious. Taupo Pure captures the best of nature. Two glasses of Taupo Pure milk each day gives you and your child good nutrition. The first glass of milk at breakfast sets the foundation for the day. A glass of milk in the evening gives you replenishment for tomorrow.

Taupo Pure focuses on the nutritional needs
of your growing child.