Premium Skim Milk Powder

Skim Milk Powder

Available in 1kg and 400g packs, plus single serve sachets

Our skim milk powder has just 0.1% fat but 100% pure taste from the heart of New Zealand. Our milk comes to you rich in calcium and other nutrients to help you grow a healthy family. Delicious on its own, add it to your cereal for a low fat breakfast, or whip up a wholesome smoothie. Check out recipes.

  • Source of calcium

40 servings per 1kg pack. Serving size: 250ml (with 25g powder)

How to make 250ml

To make 250 ml of milk
Mix 4 tablespoons (25 g) of milk powder + 1 cup of water

How to make 1 litre

To make 1 litre of milk
Mix 1 cup (100 g) of milk powder + 1 litre of water

Milk (100%)

Not suitable as a complete milk replacement for children under 2 years.

Skim Milk Powder nutritional info