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Taupo Pure is real milk sourced from Taupo, New Zealand, a place with beautiful crystal-blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, lush green pastures and pure air. Taupo Pure comes from the heart of New Zealand, which is known for its quality milk. 

This vision sets the foundation for the products we provide for you and your family, that they are safe, nutritious and of the highest quality. Our cows are grass fed all year round and our farmers follow a programme that takes care of the environment, people and their cows to produce safe, high-quality milk.

Why choose Taupo Pure milk?

Taupo Pure, your family milk, is of the highest quality, safe and nutritious. Taupo Pure captures the best of nature. Two glasses of Taupo Pure milk each day gives you and your child good nutrition. The first glass of milk at breakfast sets the foundation for the day. A glass of milk in the evening gives you replenishment for tomorrow.

Taupo Pure focuses on the nutritional needs
of your growing child.


Our Products



Taupo Pure is tasty and nutritious. It's milk of world-class quality, rich in calcium and other nutrients to support a growing a healthy family. Taupo Pure is a concentrated milk powder you can prepare for your family and is 100% New Zealand made. 

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Our Source



The Taupo Pure milk supply comes from 100 local farms within an 85km radius of the factory. Using local farms gives Taupo Pure a farm-fresh advantage and results in superior quality milk. Our Farming Excellence Programme ensures we produce first-class milk that has a lower environmental footprint.

Our farmers are world-class milk producers because they follow a programme that takes care of the environment, their cows and their people to produce safe, high quality milk.

Our Farmers (Kaiahuwhenua)

Our farms are within an 85km radius of the factory where Taupo Pure is produced. The farmers are local and specially selected for their care of the natural resources and their commitment to quality. Their values align with those of the Taupo Pure owners.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are providing nutritious, world-class quality milk to support healthy families.




Our Region


Our Region (Rohe)

Lake Taupo is surrounded by beautiful forests, lush green farms, volcanic mountains and snowy peaks. 

Lake Taupo is one of the world’s most unique and picturesque areas.

Taupo boasts the largest freshwater lake in Australasia, and the mountains as a backdrop are internationally renowned.

Our region is recognised for its geothermal activity and natural energy source. The iconic geothermal features create boiling mud pools, steaming cliffs and venting geysers for visitors to view.

Visitors come to Taupo to enjoy the scenery and many activities which include fishing, skiing, walking, biking and much more. Taupo is known as ‘nature’s ultimate playground’.

Our People


Our Staff (Kaimahi)

Our team works to bring you quality family milk and is highly experienced in the New Zealand dairy-processing industry. They have a commitment to excellence and a passion to create great milk products.


Our People

Our Owners

Our Owners (Te Hunga Whaipanga)

Taupo Pure is Māori-owned and well established in the New Zealand dairy-processing industry with strong values founded on the cultural beliefs of our owners.

Protecting the environment and the natural world that
nourishes our wellbeing is of paramount importance. 

We are kaitiaki (guardians) of our land and when we pass it on to the generations to come it must benefit them as it does us today.

Our vision of ‘nurturing our world’ sets the foundation for what we produce for you and your family, that they are safe, nutritious and of the highest quality.



Our Vision



We are the kaitiaki (guardians) of our natural resources, and this belief underpins everything we do – from our pasture to your home. We know that to ensure our milk source is safe and of the highest quality we must farm to the highest of standards.

Protecting the environment, our natural world in which we operate, is of paramount importance. We will ensure that future generations benefit from our work and that what we create today does not adversely affect the future.

From our whanau (family) to yours - we take pride in providing true family milk to you, straight from the heart of New Zealand.


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